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Worried about moulds infestation in your households, say no more. Mould Tests Australia has advanced methods to identify the moulds growing in your households.  

We do mould test reports at a reasonable price. The full mould investigation report will cost you $420.

For the out of control mould infestation, this report is very helpful and it states:

  • Mould-grown areas, causes of its growth, and severity. 
  • Our report will consist of a humidity test, and thermal imaging of the area. 
  • Our lab’s findings and recommendations.
  • Air quality index. 
  • Experts conducted sample preparation and analysis.
  • Procedure on the removal of the moulds. 
Importance of Mould testing:
  • Many moulds in Australian households are toxigenic and allergenic in nature. People residing in moulds infested households are prone to get allergic reactions and breathing problems, pulmonary infections (mainly for kids under 9). Thus, testing and eradication of moulds will mitigate the risk of these health issues. 
  • Moulds spread rapidly. Since it is grown in moist and damp areas, many of them are seen in our bathrooms and kitchen. From there, they can spread onto the whole house. It might cause damage to your property. Thus, removing the moulds as soon as you see them growing in your household is smart.
  • You want to sell your property, but there is mould growing. This will decrease your chance of making money. It is always good to do the mould test and prepare its report & analysis before putting it up for sale.
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Why trust Mould test Australia?

We are an independent lab providing you not only moulds testing services but also other many clinical tests like PCR, Bacterial testing, DNA testing, LC-MS/MS testing. Our lab is ISO 17025 Certified. Our staff is highly experienced in the field. We have specialized mould testing members and will recommend you the appropriate way to remove moulds. We have a 100% success rate in moulds identification. 

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