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Advanced Microscopy

With the modernization of the technological field, more powerful and advanced microscopes are innovated. The advanced microscopy techniques allow us to investigate any particles in every detail. Some of the well-known techniques of advanced microscopy are SEM( Scanning Electron Microscopy), TEM(Transmission Electron Microscopy), and Dual Beam SEM. These techniques are crucial in investigating sample microstructure, particle size, morphology, etc.

Sample preparation should always be considered in an appropriate way. It is significant in order to get a quality microscopy image and analysis. In our lab, we use appropriate sample preparation techniques that help microbiological organisms and specimens withstand the surrounding environment to which they are exposed. Moreover, this technique preserves samples in the best state for viewing and analyzing.

Our lab has always considered advanced microscopy to detect any microbiological organisms. Our assay for mould testing detects more than 30 species of moulds in a single test. Thus, our lab results are very reliable. Not only for mould testing, but we also use advanced microscopy techniques to do bacterial testing, fungal testing and DNA testing.

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