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PCR Test

Amid this COVID pandemic, we heard a lot about the PCR tests. Most of us might not know what it stands for. PCR is short for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It helps to detect any genetic material from a specific organism, like viruses. This test detects the presence of a virus in your body. Even though you might have recovered from the infection, this test will detect the fragments of the virus.

In our lab, we use the QPCR method to detect any viruses in your body. QPCR means quantitative PCR. It is faster than other tests.

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It’s been more than two years now, we need to do a PCR test if we see COVID symptoms. It is good to go with a qPCR test. Moreover, it is significant in many procedures used in genetic testing and research. It helps in the analysis of ancient samples of DNA and identifies the infectious agents.

PCR is now a common and often indispensable method used in medical labs for COVID tests, different biomedical research, and criminal forensics. Contact us to book an appointment for your PCR test.