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Quality Assured : ISO/IEC 17025 and OECD GLP

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Advanced Microscopy

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Located in CSIRO Park at North Ryde, our laboratory is ISO certified and meets all the regulatory requirements

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11 Julius Ave, North Ryde

NSW, Australia 2113

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Latest laboratory equipments

Our Testing Lab has advanced testing equipment and uses environment-friendly technology to give the best results. Our highly qualified experts are able to give accurate results using our high-quality lab and QPCR methods. We are involved in Pathologycam testing, Mineral Assay, Pharmaceutical Research, and many more. 

We are quality assured under ISO/IEC 17025 and OECD GLP. Our lab has assays that will detect more than 30 species of mould in one test. 

We use cutting-edge technologies like High-Resolution mass spectrometers, Next-gen sequencers, DNA Extraction Equipment, and Chromatography. 

“Working accordance with WHS Act and Regulations and certified under ISO/IEC 17025 and OECD GLP.”

Our Expertise

“Mould Tests Australia staffs are highly qualified and specialized in occupational hygiene, microbiology, pathology, elemental assay, chemistry, and indoor air quality. Our experts are qualified biological Ph.D. scientists.”

Pathologycam Testing

Our specialized microbiologists are working on pathological testing. Our Lab follows all safety protocols and has all required safety procedures to detect pathogens.  

QPCR Testing

We use quantitative PCR to measure DNA and provide real-time results. Our Lab is fully equipped with the required testing materials. And, for mould tests, our assay can detect 30+ mould species in one test.

Pharmaceutical Research

Our Experts are involved in significant pharmaceutical research for 15 years. We use Next-gen sequencers methods to detect any microbiological organisms.  

Why People Trust Us

We have been doing mould testing for professional and home users across Australia. We go through complex sample testing, then file the result for review. Best result assured to provide the best quality services. Our staffs are well experienced and specialized professionals. No matter what, we always put our customers at the first. 

Therefore, we are one of the leading mould test laboratories in the market with very happy and satisfied customers.

High Quality Lab

We are a high-quality lab located in NSW and have Quality assessed and certified.

Unmatched Expertise

We are experts in the determination of bacterial and fungal species and to help improve the quality of the environment.

Precise Result

Precise and accurate testing of the mould specific testing using cutting edge technology PCR. (MSqPCR)

Qualified Staff

Our highly qualified and well-trained staff will provide customized solutions and consultations for your testing needs.

Latest Case Studies

Our lab is always utilising new detection technology. Here are some of the articles on our latest case study and research

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ISO 17025 Certified Lab
Advanced microscopy
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What People Say About Us

Quality service guaranteed. Check our reviews.

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Scott Walker

“I would like to thank the Mould Tests team for identifying the mould species in my house. It looked like nothing was growing, but behind the ceiling were mould growing everywhere. Their qPCR tests were accurate to find the hidden moulds”

"I found out about Mould Tests from one of my friends. I was in need of a quick PCR test and she referred me here. I am very happy that I got my results within an hour. "
Maria Eve
“My Garage was flooded because of heavy rainfall. Since then, I saw different kinds of moulds growing in the garage. Samples were sent to Mould Tests and they were able to identify hidden moulds that were growing in the ceiling. Remediation work was followed.”
Liam Bower
“The only large screening mould testing laboratory in Australia. I sent my sample for mould testing and the lab sent me the results by identifying multiple species of mould within a week. That was really quick and reliable. ”

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